Tiny Dog's Older Brother Always Steals His Treats. When He Tries This Time, The Tiny Pup Comes Up With A Hysterical Solution

October 05, 2017

We all know that our dogs love their treats. Nothing brings them running more quickly than the sound of a bag of their favorite delectable munchies being opened. Doggie snacks, however, can create strife between canine siblings if, for instance, one decides he deserves more treats than the other. That is the case with Yoshi and his older - and bigger - brother, Maksimus.

Yoshi is constantly getting his treats stolen by Maksimus. This seems frightfully unfair to the tiny pup, but he isn't big enough to stand up to the tall Husky that is his older sibling. Today, however, Yoshi has a plan that should keep his treat out of his brother’s grasp. When Dad brings out the treat jar, Maksimus receives his, first, and goes to the kitchen to enjoy it. Yoshi, then, receives his and waits for the inevitable return of his Husky brother.

Sure enough, Maksimus re-enters the living room and Yoshi quickly put his plan into motion. Using his small size to his advantage, Yoshi crawls under the couch and camps out there. Maksimus attempts to follow but, of course, he is much too big. No matter what angle he tries, Maksimus just can't seem to get to his smaller sibling, and Yoshi can now eat his treats in peace. Watch the video, below, to see the hilarious interaction for yourself!

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