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Tiny Elephant Calf Gets Trapped In Watering Hole. When All Hope Seems Lost, Wildlife Rangers Fly In To Save The Day

November 16, 2017

There are times in all of our lives when circumstances threaten to overwhelm us. In these moments, it is imperative to have the right people around us to pull us out of the impossible situations that surround us. For one tiny elephant, the right people come at the right time to help him out of a predicament that he isn't quite big enough to handle.

On this particular day, a mother elephant is out for a stroll with her rambunctious calf in the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The tiny calf runs this way and that way, loving every second of being out and about, and soon spots a man-made waterhole. All this running around obviously makes the calf thirsty, so he heads over to the hole for a drink.

The calf begins drinking its fill of the refreshing water but gets a little too excited and tumbles into the waterhole. The calf isn't concerned, however, and continues to enjoy his afternoon drink. Once the calf is finished, he goes to the edge of the hole to get out and reunite with his mother, but there is a major problem; the calf isn't tall enough to get back out of the waterhole.

The calf calls for its mother, and she is there in a flash. The mother elephant circles around the waterhole, trying to find the best way for her child to get out. No matter where she looks, however, the mother cannot find a way out for her child. She offers the calf her tail and trunk, to try and pull her baby out of the hole but, again, the attempts fail. Things aren't looking good for the elephant family. Luckily, the people that see this happening call the rangers of the Wildlife Trust for help. The rangers, upon receiving the call, drop everything and get ready to head to the scene.

The rangers hop into their helicopter and, within moments, they are in the air and on their way to help the tiny calf. As the helicopter approaches, dirt and rocks from the ground are kicked up into the air, causing the mother elephant to retreat a short distance away. This is actually good for the rangers because elephants can be very territorial when it comes to their family - which would have made it difficult for the team to help. The helicopter lands and the team rush out toward the calf.

The rangers jump into the hole and, working together, they lift the calf up, ever so slightly, and help it roll out onto dry land! The little calf is shaken, and immediately searches for its mother. The mother realizes that her child is now free and rushes to his side to check him out. The family is reunited, and the team leaves the scene with big smiles on all of their faces. Thank goodness the right people cared enough to rescue this tiny calf from his impossible situation! You can watch the entire ordeal in the video, below!


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