Tiny Elephant Calf Is Drowning In Pool. Then The Camera Sees What Comes To The Rescue And It Leaves People Speechless

October 04, 2017

As a dad, I can testify that there is nothing quite as unique as the bond between parents and their children. This sentiment is not exclusive to the human race but also transcends into the animal kingdom. The family in this story, which happens to be made up of elephants, demonstrates this point in beautiful fashion, one afternoon when they are spending time together around the pool.

The mother elephant is taking her calf for a stroll around the edge of the pool. The water is for the older elephants to use for swimming, drinking, and other things, but it is much too deep for the baby to swim in just yet. The mother and son duo get just a little too close to the water's edge, and the calf topples in, head-first. The mother is frantic, trying to pull her baby back out, but cannot quite accomplish it by herself. Never fear! Help is not far away!

The father elephant appears from out of the trees and rushes to the mother's side. As the calf struggles to keep his head above water, the father charges to the entrance of the pool followed closely by the mama elephant. The parents plunge into the water and, within moments, have their child safely back on dry land. You can even see another elephant in the background trying to get past a fence so it can help as well. The unshakable bond between members of this family is enough to make anyone smile. You can see the incredible rescue in the video, below!

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