Tiny Kitten Loses One Of Her Limbs. Then She Meets A Little Girl Who Knows Exactly What She Is Going Through, And Their Beautiful Bond Is Instantaneous

October 17, 2017

There are certain things in life that are essential, for us to live the best life we possibly can. Best friends, for instance, are placed in our lives so that we always have someone to confide in, enjoy life with, and relate to on a deeper level. Take, for instance, Doc, an adorable kitten with three legs.

It is unknown, at least to me, how Doc loses her leg but, in any case, the kitten is taken to a shelter and put up for adoption. Because of her disability, it is unclear if anyone will adopt Doc at all. On Christmas day, however, Doc meets a little girl who wants a kitten more than anything else in the world.

Scarlett enters the shelter and immediately locks eyes with Doc. Her family sees how much love is instantly shared between the two, but the girl shares a much deeper bond with the tiny kitten than anyone first realizes. Scarlett, you see, is missing a limb as well. The connection between her and Doc is shared on both an emotional level and a physical level.

Scarlett lost her left arm due to a rare form of cancer. This tragedy, however, hasn't stopped the little girl from enjoying life and melting the hearts of everyone who meets her. Scarlett's parents adopt Doc on the spot, and the little girl embraces her new feline-bestie. The family goes home to start their new journey with their newest furry family member.

It does not take long for the family to realize just how special Doc's and Scarlett's relationship really is. Scarlett seems to learn a great deal from her feline-best-friend. Scarlett learns determination and how to thrive, despite her missing arm. Because of Doc and her ability to conquer any obstacle in front of her, Scarlett has a new outlook on life.

Although life may be difficult, Scarlett will overcome any obstacle because she knows that Doc is doing the same thing. The two friends are an inspiration to their family and are inseparable in every way. Best friends are a beautiful thing, and you would be hard-pressed to find two better friends than Doc and Scarlett. Watch the video, below, to learn a bit more about the dynamic duo.

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