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Tired Raccoon Is Discovered In The Middle Of The Bay. Watch How These Men Rescue This Drowning Animal!

October 13, 2017

It’s a gorgeous, sunny day on their boat as these men begin cruising around the bay. With nobody in sight, the water is peaceful, and it’s a beautiful start to their morning. What happens next would lead to the strangest, most unexpected encounter, one that neither of them ever thought possible!

Sailing along, with just the water and horizon line in sight, they suddenly see something bobbing up and down in the distance. As they get closer, they realize that it's alive. Curious as to what it could be, the guys approach the creature. Assuming the animal to be either a Seal or Otter, they are soon shocked to discover that the animal is a very tired raccoon, treading water in the middle of the bay. The guys have no idea how in the world this critter got itself into this predicament, or how long it’s been out here; but one thing is for certain, the raccoon is exhausted and struggling to keep its head above water.

Fully aware that this raccoon is in desperate need of help, they begin thinking of ways to rescue this wild animal. Recognizing that their boat has a shallow step, inches away from the water, they attempt to bring the boat around. Hoping and praying that the raccoon finds the strength to pull itself up, they wait to see how the animal responds. Mustering all the energy it has left in its little body, the raccoon waits a few short seconds just to make sure it's safe to board the ship. Attempting several times and failing, the third time’s a charm for this brave fellow. He successfully pulls himself up and onto the boat where he is finally safe and sound. The grateful raccoon looks up at its rescuers as if to say “thank you.” The men are also grateful - that all ended well - and they immediately head back to dry land. It's a sweet rescue that will leave you amazed!

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