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Toddler Gets Into Argument With Twin Sister And Learns Invaluable Life Lesson Every Man Learns Sooner Or Later: Never Argue With A Woman

February 15, 2018

I'm sure this video comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever been part of a male vs. female argument. Men tend to argue with facts and women tend to argue with emotion. It's no wonder that communication is difficult between the sexes!

In fact, it's actually a miracle that any true understanding ever occurs. And it seems to be an inborn trait, as evidenced in this adorable video showcasing an intense tiff going on between the two toddlers.

We have no way of knowing what the issue is between them, possibly something to do with the cookies each of them has, but we do know that there is a strong disagreement going on.

It's interesting to watch the little boy trying with all his might to make his point, but the little girl is having none of it. No matter what he tries, she gives the same argument right back to him.

Then the topic changes when the little girl pounds the table with her hand. This definitely gets his attention, and we can barely make out the brother's indignant words, "No hitting!" As he bangs the table, himself, as he voices his objection.

After trying everything he can think of, he has no other choice but to escape altogether. At first, he seems to be looking up to the heavens for divine guidance, then it becomes evident that he is merely trying to get away in the only way he can - by not even looking at her or giving her any of his attention.

His darling little sister is not having any of it. She continues to give him 'what for' regardless of whether or not he is listening. I guess this strategy gets perfected by males over their lifetimes, "tuning out" when the argument is not going in his favor. You can't really blame him, though; she is relentless! Have you ever experienced a disagreement of this magnitude?? ;-)

To see the entire adorable interchange, just click on the video, below.


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