Toddler Visits A Petting Zoo And Is Blown Away By One Goat

June 09, 2017

I’ve always loved being around children. I don’t think there is anything cuter than a young child experiencing something for the first time. Whether it's discovering a texture, a sound, or a taste, a child’s reaction is always so entertaining. Sometimes, learning new things is scary, sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes it’s just plain hilarious.

When a little child spends some time at a petting zoo, their senses are soaring with the excitement of his new experiences. Can you remember your first experience at a petting zoo? Mine was a mixture of laughs and tears because I couldn’t decide if I was loving all of the animals around me or terrified of them. For any child, it can feel really overwhelming!

As adults, we know that a petting zoo is probably one of the safest places a child can be around animals in. We take our children there hoping they develop an appreciation for the cute little farm animals. We know there's no harm that can come from baby animals, and it's exciting when kids are brave enough to touch and sometimes feed the animals.

When one little boy went to the petting zoo, he fearlessly introduced himself to all of the animals. 4-year-old Asher visited his first petting zoo with his mom and grandmother and absolutely loved it! After making his way around the entire petting zoo and loving on every single animal, he wanted to do something more. He asked if he could brush an animal!

The attendant was so impressed by Asher's bravery to brush an animal, he brought out of one their mama goats. She was much bigger than him but because she was so sweet and tame, the attendant knew it would be safe for little Asher. 

While Asher was being so brave with his new goat friend, his mother began recording this beautiful moment of her son discovering brushing a farm animal for the first time. Asher grew more confident as he brushed the goat when all of a sudden, something completely unexpected happens. Something that caused him to jump back in shock!

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