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Tommy Hilfiger To Embed Micro Chips In New Clothing Line - Raising Red Flags Over Privacy, Control Of Personal Data

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September 13, 2018

Promoting the idea as a big boon for consumers, Fashion label Tommy Hilfiger is set to introduce what they call ‘smart chip technology’ into their new fall fashion line. The company claims that it will be a new and improved way to monitor real-time consumer use of their products, and in turn will give customers rewards and merchandise points.

According to Fox Business News, “This technological fashion innovation, which Hilfiger announced Wednesday through fashion website WWD, will comprise men’s, women’s, and unisex wear that has embedded Awear Solutions Bluetooth technology.

“The chip inside the clothing can track when and how often consumers wear the brand via the iOS Tommy Jeans Xplore app.”

This new technology is being hailed by the Hilfiger marketing department as a good thing, giving consumers concrete rewards for using or wearing their products.

Online technology blog network, Engadget, gives further insight into exactly what this means.“Tommy Hilfiger is launching a Tommy Jeans Xplore garment line that uses embedded Bluetooth smart tags (connected to the company's iOS app) to provide 'one-of-a-kind rewards and experiences’ to buyers.


"The more you wear the clothes, the more points you earn -- basically, you're getting a handful of perks for becoming a walking billboard.

“With Xplore, users can score points and specific rewards with the brand for each time they wear the Hilfiger clothing. Rewards can be translated into merchandise or even concert tickets through the brand partnership with Live Nation.”


Sounds great, right? So what could the drawbacks possibly be? The major concern seems to be the invasion of privacy that the new technology creates and the potential for abuse of the data collected.

Engadget, “The company didn't directly address the scope of data collection in a statement beyond acknowledging that there might be personal info.”


It will be interesting to see if this ‘technology meets fashion’ idea takes off or if people’s eroding sense of privacy will keep consumers away in droves.

To learn more about this controversial move by Tommy Hilfiger, watch the video, below.

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