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Nothing But Skin-And-Bones And In Agonizing Pain, Edward Couldn't Wait Any Longer To Be Saved. When They Came For Him He Was Hiding Away To Die

October 09, 2018

Street dogs are an especially heartbreaking phenomenon. With no one to look after them, they are often overwhelmed with medical conditions and injuries, yet no one takes any notice as they go about their busy lives. With uncontrolled breeding, these strays are likely to be a problem for a long time to come, and there is no way all of them can be helped.

But some of them can. And if Animal Aid Unlimited has anything to say about it, many, many will be helped and given a wonderful life - so very different from what they have known up to then.

On this day, A.A.U. has been called out to tend to a miserable old boy who has been declining for weeks. When the team arrives, they have difficulty locating him because he has found a hiding spot to wait for death to take him.

What a pitiful sight that is - and they are overcome with emotion as they get a better glimpse of what the poor boy has been enduring.

Trying to ply the fellow with treats, their efforts are rejected, although he allows them to gently pet him. I guess the rescuer gets too close because something causes the old guy to get up from his deathbed and try to get away.

Not wanting him to get too far, the rescuer knows he must act quickly to ensnare him.

With blanket in tow, he chases the petrified pup and manages to gently wrap the blanket around his head. Disoriented, the old dog surrenders to the man's efforts, completely unaware that his life is about to take a dramatic, uplifting turn!

When they get him back to the clinic, the first thing they do is to humanize the poor fellow and give him a name. "Edward" seems to be the perfect moniker for such a stately, dignified gentleman. After that is done, they begin his treatment for the miserable skin disease, Mange, that he has a severe case of.

Not only did the affliction cause painful sores all over his body, but it also robbed him of skin over the worst areas of his body. He will need several treatments with medicated lotion and medicated shampoo to restore his skin to proper health.

It's a long, tedious process but wait until you see what Edward looks like now! And did you notice that tail wagging? That's one happy fellow!

Yes, he's still old, and yes, he still has a few aches, pains, and kinks that accompany his advanced age, but he has a twinkle in his eye and the most beautiful tan and white coat! And best of all, he now has people to love him and look out for him so he never again has to suffer as he did before.

He'll live the rest of his life in this wonderful refuge, far away from the mean streets that nearly took his life.

We're so grateful that the caring professionals at Animal Aid Unlimited took Edward in and worked their magic to give this precious pup the life he never dreamed he could have.

To learn more about Edward's incredible journey, watch the video, below.

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