Top 10 Optical Illusions On The Internet

November 07, 2017

You know the phrase, “Things aren’t always what they seem,” well, with art, that couldn’t be truer. One of my favorite kinds of art is optical illusions - they quite literally are never what they seem! Our minds try hard to make logical sense of images, but when the artist lays a hidden meaning or a hidden agenda in a picture, our brains nearly always seem to be influenced and manipulated by the brilliant optical illusion.

Below are some of the coolest and trickiest optical illusions we were able to find while scouring the internet. If your brain is able to ignore the optical influence of these pictures, you are part of the .5% that can distinguish logic from the artist’s delusion. Take a look at the images below - if you dare!

#1 - Optical illusion with makeup

#2 - Clock made out of clocks (click on image to see in motion)

#3 - Is your image really moving?

#4 - What about this one - is anything moving?

#5 - These purple borders are all the same size…. Aren’t they?

#6 - How many dots do you see? There should be only 12…

#7 - If this picture is moving, you’re being fooled!

#8 - How many circles do you see?

#9 - What did you see first?

#10 - Which direction is this cat headed?

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