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Top Paid Celebrities In The World, And It's Not Who You Think

March 13, 2018

Whenever we think of wealthy celebrities, our minds automatically go to movie stars and the actors who perform on the big screen. Very rarely do we ever think of anyone else?

There’s another group that surprisingly is amongst the wealthiest celebrities in the world, you rely on them periodically, and they’re the ones you see every single day on your home television/mobile devices; News anchors.

An anchorman or anchorwomen have one thing that they must accomplish with the majority of the people who watch their show, and that is the likeability factor. They must win the hearts of the viewers and get people to trust their every word. To receive thousands or even millions of repetitive viewers daily is a definite talent. Whether locally, nationally, or internationally, it's safe to say that once the trust is formed, people rely on them regularly to deliver breaking news, and report on important issues that are trending in the world around us.

Here are the top five news anchors (celebrities) in the world. You may or may not be shocked at the dollar amount of their annual salary.

1. Anderson Cooper ($100 million)

2. Diane Sawyer (80 $million)

3. Sean Hannity ($80 million)

4. Bill O'Reilly ($50 million)

5. Brian Williams ($40 million)


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