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Americans Left In Total Terror After More Than 27 Tornadoes Violently Destroy The Country; Victims Are Begging For Prayers

July 20, 2018

Iowa residents are in praying for miracles today after more than 27 tornados have violently ripped across the state. CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller shared that the devastating storm first appeared on July 19th, 2018.

Since the damage, homes, and buildings have been destroyed, cars have been flipped and taken miles away, and several people have been injured. Miller shares that the exact number of injured people has yet to be confirmed.


In Marshalltown, a town just an hour northeast of Des Moines, Iowa, more than 40 people have been taken to the hospital. Several of the towns historic builder were completely destroyed, leaving nothing but the building framework.


One resident shared the reality through her tears. "It was bad. I've seen a lot of tornado stuff (in the past)," she said. "It's not like the whole town is destroyed, but downtown, a city of this size, it was something else."


Iowa’s governor, Governor Kim Reynolds, shared his heartbreak via Twitter saying "Devastated to see the destruction from today's severe storms & tornadoes. Praying for all Iowans impacted & for the emergency management crews responding tonight.”


One passenger captured the wrath of the story from the sky. In a terrifying place to be, she shared her photo with the caption: “These are the two tornadoes that touched down near Bondurant, Iowa today.”


For now, the tornadoes have appeared to have finished their destruction, although, with the high number of instances, residents are being warned to take cover and stay out of Marshalltown.

Please keep Iowa residents in your prayers! This is a terrifying time for all involved.

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