Trash Collector Discovers Dog Dumped In Garbage Can. What He Does About It Stuns The Heartless Owner

January 09, 2018

When she tossed this sweet dog away like so much trash, the owner never imagined the garbage man would find the animal still alive! After all, trash day wasn’t until three days after she abandoned the animal. Little did she realize that the fortitude of her former pet would keep her alive long enough to be rescued. Not only did the trash collector find her in time, he also pursued charges against the heartless woman who treated the dog in such a cruel and unthinkable manner.

When Nathan Binnie started his rounds that October day, he had no idea that he would be saving a life! As he made his way through the modest neighborhood, emptying garbage cans of unwanted refuse, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. So accustomed to seeing unusual items that people considered trash, he got used to ignoring what was actually inside the stuffed bins.

On this particular day, however, something caused him to look inside the ordinary green container that stood in front of one unremarkable home in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. And it's a good thing he did! As he removed the lid, he was shocked at what he found. There, staring up at him was an emaciated young dog, barely poking her head out of a trash bag that imprisoned her. What in the world!?!? Nathan could scarcely believe his eyes!!

As quickly as he could, he lifted the dog out of her prison, still in utter disbelief that this was actually happening. Realizing that the pup was in bad shape, he immediately notified the Humane Society. While awaiting the arrival of the authorities, Nathan did his best to comfort the sweet canine. When he presented the ravenous animal with some food, she immediately began devouring what was, undoubtedly, the first meal she had eaten in a long time.

After a few blissful minutes of satisfying her aching belly, the pup was greeted by her next batch of heroes, the authorities from The Humane Society of Westmoreland County.

Before she was loaded into the transport vehicle, she was clothed in a sweater to help her maintain her body heat - just the first step on her long journey to a new and better life.

At the shelter, she was given a medical examination, although they were unable to take her blood due to her severe dehydrated condition. What they did learn is that she was female, approximately ten months old, and severely underweight for her breed and age. At 17 pounds, she would have a lot of eating to do if she were ever going to return to a normal weight. They named her "Fauna" and began the long process of bringing the sweet pup back to good health.

During their examination, the vets discovered a tracker chip under the dog's skin and were able to track down the owner who had abandoned Fauna. Unbelievable!! What they learned was the owner was named Nicole Baker. She admitted having discarded her pet three days before when she moved out-of-state with her boyfriend. She never imagined that anyone would ever discover her hideous crime. 

Baker was charged with Animal Cruelty and ordered to appear in court the following January. Before the court date arrived, Nicole admitted to dumping the dog and, in a plea agreement, she was convicted of Disorderly Conduct. She was sentenced to community service, a psychological evaluation, and a $650 fine. In addition, Baker was placed in an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (similar to probation) and was banned from ever again adopting a dog in the state of Pennsylvania.

While these consequences will never take away the pain and suffering that Fauna had to endure during those three long days in the trash can, we're still gratified to know that sometimes justice is served in animal abuse cases.

Now, here's the really great news! Fauna has found a forever home! Once the plucky pup recovered from her trauma, she was ready to be adopted. One of the vet technicians who worked with the Humane Society fell in love with the determined doggy, and once the doctors gave the okay, she was able to take Fauna home. She and her son would be the kind of owners that Fauna deserved.

We hope this precious new family enjoys many, many years together, sharing all the joys life has to offer. And we are so grateful for the compassion of the wonderful trash collector-turned-savior, Nathan Binney, without whom Fauna would not have had a chance to experience this wonderful new beginning.

To see the amazing story in its entirety, click on the video, below.

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