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2 Years Following His Tragic Death, Troy Gentry’s Widow Finally Speaks Out, Divulging A Secret She’d Been Yearning To Tell Since He Passed

January 11, 2019

In 2017, the country music industry was hit with a devastating blow when news broke that Troy Gentry, musical star in the band, Montgomery Gentry, had tragically been killed in a helicopter crash.

News of the 50-year-old award-winning artist’s passing was almost too heavy to bear, especially for his loved ones and particularly, his wife of 18 years. A tragedy of this magnitude is never something one expects to happen to them, and it’s in these moments where true strength, perseverance, and character and tested to the limits.

Now, nearly two years following his death, his widow, Angie, has chosen to come forward and break her silence. Her words were certainly not what anyone expected to hear, but made us have an even greater appreciation for her.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Angie told them that it was extremely difficult for her to fully wrap her mind around what had happened. Amid the grief, heartache, and pain she was feeling, one tiny glimmer of hope kept coming to her mind: she knew that good could come out of this situation if she donated her late husband’s organs to people who needed them.

If nothing else, it was her way to give back and let the legacy of her true love live on through the life of another. “If this is your time and God says, ‘I’m taking you home today,’ but other parts of you still work perfectly, well, that could help somebody else. Why would you not donate them?”

She continued: “You don’t throw something away that’s perfect. It was something I felt Troy would have said: ‘Do it.’”

After coming to this solid decision, she immediately contacted the local hospital to arrange the donation. After they did a thorough screening of his body, they determined that, because of his sustained injuries, none of his organs were viable. They did have good news for her too, though.

Despite the lack of use of his organs, his bones, tissue, and corneas were all in perfect condition and could be used to help others who were in desperate need of a donor. “I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to make a donation because what’s it going to hurt?” Angie stated.

It’s times like this in life that put your faith and strength to the test. Instead of wallowing in her pain and sorrow, she chose to look for a glimmer of good in the situation. She wanted to make sure her beloved’s memory and legacy was kept alive and she didn’t want his untimely death to be in vain. While we’ll never know who received his donations, we do know that they are undoubtedly forever grateful for her selfless sacrifice.

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