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Famous Osmond Family Announces Tragedy Just Days Before Christmas; Now They’re Asking For Prayers

December 13, 2018

Tragedy has struck the famous Osmond Family and now they need your prayers.

In November 2018, Troy Osmond, 33, was discovered dead in his home. Troy is the nephew of the iconic musical duo, Donny and Marie Osmond.


After weeks of uncertainty in regards to how he died, his family has confirmed his death on social media with special requests to keep their family in your prayers. According to the police report, Yahoo states that Troy was found “hanging off the bed and his upper body was laying across a nightstand.”


When first responders arrived, there was nothing that could be done- he was purple and blue. Without knowing too much, Troy’s family believe that no foul play was involved and that his death was “medical or health-related.” Mary Osmond, Troy’s mother, confirmed that Troy had suffered from a long list of health issues.

Troys’ family took to social media to confirm his death. Marie Osmond shared a length post revealing her loss while declaring God’s peace over her family’s loss.


Marie’s Facebook caption read: “As I stood next to my brother Merrill at his youngest sons funeral, I tried my best to comfort and share in his pain. I know that feeling of utter despair, praying to wake up from a horrible nightmare and not being able to breathe. I remember that seemingly impossible task to continue on—I had to for my other children, but I didn’t know how. As time went by, I discovered the only way possible to survive this terrible time was to keep my eyes on the Savior.”


She continued, “Life is learning how to deal with trials and challenges, and they can be humbling and painful, but I know our Savior will help us go through them instead of around them if we ask for His help. Humbly asking for help can move us forward in peace and love. I don’t believe God orchestrates trials, He isn’t behind the fires in California or the wars that plague our world, He isn’t involved in the anger and rancor we witness each day… man has been given the opportunity to choose... God will not take our agency away, how could we learn?”

She concluded her grief with, “I believe that and I hope those of you who are struggling at this time will find great hope by believing in Him who was sent to heal.” To see the full post, https://www.facebook.com/marieosmond/photos/a.350741230323/10161088029765324/?type=3&theaterclick here.


Please keep the Osmond Family in your prayers as they navigate this loss so close to the holidays.

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