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True Fears Concerning Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding Finally Emerge, And This Time, The Palace Officials Are Putting Their Foot Down

May 10, 2018

For months, people have had one thing on their mind: the royal wedding! From the moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their relationship official, the world went utterly nuts with excitement. For years, the Prince had made a name for himself as the ultimate bachelor, leaving many to wonder if he would ever settle down and marry.

When Meghan Markle stepped onto the scene, though, everything changed. It was a fairytale love story, grander than we could have ever imagined. As the wedding bells draw ever so near, our anticipation for the miraculous occasion continues to grow.

Among all of the marvelously detailed plans surrounding the day, there are a few concerns that have caused quite a stir around the palace. With an event of this magnitude, many wonder just what procedures go into making this day go off without a hitch. For security purposes, there are a grand amount of rules and standards set in place.

One of the biggest concerns surrounding the day is the two-mile carriage ride the bride and groom will take through the streets of Windsor. Because of the build of the open-top of the carriage, they are more susceptible to a sniper attack.

One of the police chiefs weighed in on the matter at hand, stating: “The route posed major security problems and had the potential to turn the market town into downtown Sarajevo - where snipers targeted civilians during the Balkan wars in Bosnia in the 1990s.”

The former head of royal protection, Dai Davies, also commented on this matter: “From a protection point of view, the use of Windsor High Street is worrying. It presents an A-Z of security problems, and it would be very difficult to evacuate if there was an attack.”

They have vowed to take ultimate security measures to prevent any such activity occurring by enlisting the help of 3,000 officers during the wedding day. This is one of Britain’s largest military installments to date. Along with this, there will be more than 40 SAS soldiers accompanying the police officers, and many cameras have also been installed throughout the route.

They have also sent out a public statement, asking everyone to join in with them to help be their ‘eyes and ears’ during the day to help keep any ill-will at bay. The Thames Valley Police issued the following statement: “Visitors to the town can expect to see our officers, both armed and unarmed, our search dogs and our mounted section out and about. There are also many security measures you can’t see.”

With all these precautions taken into account, we can rest assured that the beloved bride and groom will be as protected as possible during the best day of their lives. We cannot wait for the big day to finally arrive!


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