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Try Not To Smile As This Rescued Baby Chimp Makes His First Real Friend [VIDEO]

May 15, 2017

One day a small baby chimp was stolen from his mother in the wild. The area he was in was a war zone, so he was passed around from place to place, without ever getting a chance to move around by himself. Because of his circumstances, the small chimp became sick and could barely walk around. 

Luckily, some good samaritans rescued him from his captors and began to nurse him back to health. His rescuers gave him the name "Sagesse" which means wisdom. Sagesse began to learn how to walk properly again and in no time was swinging from the arms of his rescuers and from the branches in his new home.  

Sagesse gained a new friend as well. When Sagesse met Wenga, they instantly became friends. Wenga loved giving Sagesse hugs. His relationship with Wenga was the first real friendship Sagesse had ever known. Sagesse may have had a rough start, but now he has gained a new home, a bet friend, and a new life! 

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