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Try Not To Smile When You Hear This Adorable Golden Retriever's Argument To Keep From Going To Bed

April 28, 2017

Bedtime isn't always the most fun time of the day.

The day goes by far too fast sometimes and you don't feel like you've had adequate time to do everything you had planned.

Unfortunately, Mom sometimes thinks that no matter what you still have left to do, bedtime means bedtime regardless.


Try as you might with all of your stall tactics, Mom still doesn't budge on your bedtime. What gives, Ma?!

This insanely adorable Golden Retriever is currently in this situation. Mom says it's time for bed but she still has one more thing she wants to do before her day is over.

She just wants to go see the chickens one more time. Is that too much to ask?


When Mom tells her to go to bed, she has a perfect argument planned. She tells her mom all about it, trying to sell her on why she needs to go see the chickens one more time.

Let's be honest, Mom must have some serious will power to be able to say no to that face! I'd melt in a puddle and she'd get her way every single time if she were mine!

Watch this video below to see her insanely adorable rebuttal. I think you'll totally agree that she makes some pretty good points about her need to visit the chickens.

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