Try Not To SMILE When You Watch These Baby Kangaroos Attempt Their First HOPS! [VIDEO]

May 09, 2017

Do you remember that scene in Bambi, where Bambi tries to walk on ice? No matter how hard Bambi tried he could not seem to get his footing! Try after try he would fall and slide on the ice! 

This seems to be the case with these two baby kangaroos, except there is no ice! These two "roos" have barely been out of their mother's pouches before today! 

As the roos took their first tentative steps they weren't quite sure what to do. After a few steps it seems easier just to stay in one spot! These two didn't need ice to slide around! 

Eventually the two new roos, who were named Rex and Ruby, began to get the hang of their new found talent! It may have been slow going, but Rex and Ruby never gave up! 

Eventually Rex and Ruby will be able to hop with the best of the best, but after a long day of hopping practice they headed back to their bed for a nap!

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