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Mom Freaks Out After Receiving This Message From Her Daughter! Now, All Moms Are Cautioned To Beware Of This Highly Concerning Message

November 16, 2018

The holidays are some of the most magical times of the year; sweet moments shared with family and loved ones make for beautiful memories and stories that will live on for decades.

The holiday season can be especially sentimental for parents, especially empty-nesters. For many parents, the holidays were a time of year when the house was filled with laughter and little feet pitter-pattering around the house. But as the children grow older and begin lives of their owns, parents have to hope that they did their job well and that their kids will create new holiday memories with their new families.

This year, one mom and recent empty-nester was learning to navigate the holiday season as an empty-nester. While it was much different than she had imagined, she was happy to have all of her kids living independent and successful lives. That is until one of the there daughters sent her a very alarming text…

The daughter texted her mom and casually asked, “Hey Mom! How long would it take to microwave a 25-pound turkey?”

Just when the mom had been reminiscing on her daughter's independence and success in the adult world, she looked down at her phone only to see one of the most alarming texts messages! The mom responded with a very direct message!

She said, “Oh my, You can't microwave a turkey. It would not brown and it would be like being exposed to a nuclear bomb! Full of radiation and everyone would die! Cook it in a turkey bag. Best and full proof way. I have turkey bags! Will put at the entrance of our door if you want.”

The daughter responded in confused, “Radiation?? What are you sure? I really don’t have time to cook it in the oven. Really how long do you think it would take to microwave?”

The mom was shocked at her daughter’s determination to cook a turkey in the microwave. In a panic, she responded, “No way! Do not cook in the microwave. When do you have to cook it?!” She then sent another text saying, “It is bad for you. Nuking anything that long is unhealthy!!!!! Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!” Then added, “You can put the turkey in [the oven] in the middle of the night if you have to.”

The daughter responded, “Oh I need it by today at 5 pm…” Note, it was 10 am.

The mom was in utter shock. She quickly replied, “What????” And then another text, ”Yikes!!!!!!” And then… three more texts, “Well you have to cook it.” “Did you buy it yet?” “Is it thawed?”

The daughter brushed off all of her mother's advice and said, “Yeah! Okay, I’m just gonna do it. It barely fits in my microwave but I’m gonna try.”

The mom was urgent this time! She said, “I’m not joking. This is a terrible idea. It’s not only unhealthy but it won’t brown.” Then she added another text, “Don’t!!!!!!” And then four more texts, “Don’t!!!!!” “It won’t cook through either!!!! I promise!!!!??” “Disaster!!!!!!” “Don’t!!!!!!!!”

Then, almost as if she was screaming through the phone, she texted four separate times, “No!!!!!!!!!!!” “No!!!!!!!!!” “No!!!!!!!!!!” “Bad!!!!!!!!!!!”

That’s when her daughter sent her this picture.

The mom was shocked! She replied back “Is this all a joke??????” To which the daughter replied, “LOL! yes, Mom!”

Now, you know the prank! Beware of your children texting you asking you this ridiculously funny question as a prank this holiday season! And if you’ve got silly children like this, be sure think up of something clever to say back to them! We hope this made you smile!


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