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Twin Toddler Girls Stand On Each Side Of Door. You Won’t Be Able To Contain Your Laughter When You See What They Do Next

March 20, 2018

Growing up with siblings can be so fun! You create memories, you share secrets, and you have a built-in best friend for your whole life. These two little sisters are reminding us all of the innocent friendship that’s found in a sibling.

When one little twin sees an open door, she walks over to it. While grasping her sippy cup, she peeks through the blinds. That’s when her twin spots her and stares. “What is she doing?” Twin #2 wondered. After a moment, she walked over her sister.

But rather than standing right next to her, Twin #2 walked around to the other side of the door. She held her hands up over her eyes and stared back at her sister.

The two twin toddlers were eye to eye with each other. It was at that moment that the two began mirroring each other. The mother said it was the cutest thing! When one twin lifted her arm, the other would live her arm too!

These little twins thought they were each other’s mirror image!

They played with each other as their imagination went wild. The wonder of their minds so innocent… The sisters laughed and laughed as they peeked through the window and stared at each other.

By the time their mother began recording, the girls were long gone with giggles and excitement. Each time they walked up to the door, they burst out into laughter! They can’t even contain their excitement over the fact that they can see each other through the door!

Hearing their laughs reminds me of simpler times in life with my family. Did you have siblings while you were growing up? What kind of thing reminds you of your siblings?


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