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Two Dogs Were Separated At A Pet Adoption. One Day In A Market Place, They Spotted One Another And The Reunion Is Better Than You Could Imagine

February 20, 2018

There’s nothing like a best friend. You have full confidence that they’ll always stick by your side through thick and thin. They’re always a friend in which you can confide, knowing that whatever you say or do won’t pass judgment on them. It seems that humans aren’t the only ones who can have a BFF, and these two retrievers are living proof!

One day, a woman was working her booth at a local market. The day was like any other: crowds bustled about and chatted happily with one another as they shopped contently. She happened to spot two couples, one on either side of the room, and they each were walking dogs that looked identical.

She didn’t think much of it until she saw the dogs’ reaction to seeing one another! In an instant, they both bolted to the other in sheer, overwhelming excitement. Both couples seemed a bit perplexed and knew that their dog didn’t act like this around other pups.

After a while of talking, the owners realized that they had both adopted the dogs at the same shelter and the two were siblings! The best friend and sibling bond were so strong that they instantaneously remembered one another. The dogs even had tattoos that confirmed the news.

The couple later exchanged phone numbers so that their little fur babies would be able to have frequent playdates together. How sweet is that? Even though they were separated at a shelter, fate had it aligned where they could reunite once again. Check out the video, below, to see the precious reunion!

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