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Two Elephants Are Treated To Their Very Own Bach Concert

February 07, 2018

When Eleanor Bartsch was given the opportunity to perform a Bach concert with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, she was excited. What made it even better was when she discovered that she had the chance to play at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

When the time for the show rolled around, it was time for her to warm up. The best place she could find was outside, near Kelly and Viola, the two elephants who had lived at the zoo for most of their lives.

The 44 and 45-year-old elephants watched curiously as she approached but, as she began to play, the two elephants began to sway to the music. They swayed together, dancing to the melody of the Bach music.

As Eleanor continued to play, the pachyderms began to swing their trunks back and forth as they swayed, bobbing their heads. They were clearly in love with the music, and couldn’t get enough of the violinist's performance.

While the concert may have been short-lived, we’re sure that this is a memory that no one will ever forget, least of all, Kelly and Viola. I can’t help but wonder if all elephants love Bach just like these two!