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Two Sets Of Twins Were Switched At Birth - Then Fate Intervenes And They Learn The Truth

December 05, 2017

This story is beyond crazy. It would make a good movie script, right? Two sets of identical twins were switched at birth and were later reunited. Their story begins over 20 years ago in Colombia, South America when two sets of twin boys were born at the same hospital. Accidentally, one twin from each set was switched with the other.


Carlos, on the left and Jorge, grew up as brothers in Bogotá. Carlos is an accountant and Jorge is a pipe fitter. William and Wilber went to live in a remote area outside of Bogotá, working in the fields. William should have grown up in Bogotá where Carlos grew up in his place. But William worked hard to get himself into a better position in life. He joined the military. William and Wilber were taken out of school at 12. Both boys work as butchers. Carlos, on the left and Jorge, grew up as brothers in Bogotá. Carlos and William grew up in each other’s place. So, when William approached the brother with whom he had grown up, and told him, “So we were swapped,” Wilber responded, ‘‘I don’t care who they are. You’re my brother, and you’ll be my brother until the day I die.’’


The fact that they figured this out through a random girl who thought William was Jorge, was a miracle in itself! The four boys would have never known their true identities or known the other two boys if it had it not been for that fateful day.

These two sets of twins grew up experiencing completely opposite ways, also believing they each had a fraternal twin instead of an identical twin. Then, one day fate intervened and they discovered the truth. You can read the full story in The New York Times Magazine, and you can watch the video, below, to find out more.

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