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Two Weeks After Southwest Airlines Disaster, Second Plane Window Breaks Mid-Flight

May 02, 2018

On an April 17 flight from New York City to Dallas, a Southwest Airlines plane suffered a fatal malfunction. One of the plane’s engines exploded mid-air, sending shrapnel through one of the plane’s windows.


Jennifer Riordan, a loving wife, and mother of two, died from injuries she sustained after almost being sucked out of the window. The accident on flight 1380 has placed Southwest Airlines under a microscope.


On Southwest Airlines flight 957 from Chicago to Newark, passengers began to worry when they noticed several cracks beginning to grow in the window of the Boeing 737-700, the same model as the plane in the flight 1380 incident.


The crack in the window did not result in a breach, and there was no decompression as there was with Flight 1380. However, in light of the recent disaster, this was certainly that needed to be taken care of immediately!


Two hours after take off, the plane was diverted to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio, where it landed safely. When the plane touched down, crew members told passengers to grab their belongings and follow them directly to another plane.


Passengers on board flight 957 shared their photos and videos online, and it seems this incident was handled quickly and appropriately. This could have been another tragic accident, but it seems that they lucked out today, and we’re certainly grateful for that.


With all of the problems that Southwest planes have been having lately, people are beginning to have their doubts about their safety of this airline. In fact, some passengers have begun to give Southwest a new name in honor of all of the safety violations, SouthDeath. If something doesn’t change soon, the airline will surely suffer as fewer people will want to risk their safety to save a few dollars on a flight.


This is a worrisome story, and we thought we should follow it up with a video that is sure to get a smile out of anyone! We hope you enjoy the video below!