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Two Women Go In For An Ultrasound And Are Astounded By The News!

April 10, 2017

Pregnancy can be such a beautiful time in a woman's life, but for many women who struggle to conceive a child seeing other women pregnant can be heartbreaking. After five years of trying unsuccessfully and after failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, Joby and Annie Johnston, were just about to give up hope on having their own baby. 

Screenshot Via Youtube 

That is when Annie's sister Chrissy Knott, spoke up and told them that if she was able she would be more than happy to carry a baby for the couple. Chrissy was able and since she and Annie were on the same cycle and they had more eggs, the doctors thought the best chance for a baby would be to implant two eggs in each women. 

 Screenshot Via Youtube

Amazingly both pregnancies took and even more amazing was the fact that both sisters were pregnant with twins! Annie was pregnant with twin girls, while her sister Chrissy was pregnant with her twin boys! The Johnstons, who were just hoping for one baby, were now going to be parents to four! 


 Since the sisters were having c-sections, they opted to have the babies the same day. Chrissy had the set of boys first, so Annie was able to see them born and then just a bit later she had the set of girls. 

 Screenshot Via Youtube 

Annie and Joby Johnston are now the proud parents of quadruplets! The quadruplets Charlie, Tommy, Grace and Haddie were born the same day, have the same parents and they just happened to have been born to two different women who are sisters.

What a profound and miraculous blessing Chrissy was able to give to her sister Annie! 

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