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Two Young Men Decide To Pay For People's Drive-Thru Orders. Their Act Of Kindness Causes A Chain Reaction Of Generosity

November 15, 2017

Sometimes, all it takes is one act of kindness to change the course of someone's day and, in some cases, it can change a person's outlook on life. Two young men in Arizona demonstrate this fact perfectly by making it their life's mission to make people's days better. The two friends set out one afternoon with a specific mission; make sure everyone at the local In-N-Out drive-thru leaves feeling blessed and full.

The friends arrive at the drive-thru and pull up to the intercom to place their order. The young man that is driving simply orders a small water. You can hear the confusion on the other end of the intercom, but they instruct him to pull forward to receive his cup of water. When they pull forward, and the employee opens the order-window, the young man informs the people inside that he will be paying for the food that car behind him purchases.

The employees smile in appreciation of the act and gladly take the man's card to make the transaction. The two friends then pull forward to allow the next car to pull up to the window. The next car is occupied by two females, and when they are told that their meal is paid for, they yell out their thanks to the two young men. The driver gives them the thumbs-up and drives away. For most people, this one act would be enough, but these boys aren't finished yet.

The two friends pull back around and go through the drive-thru again, repeating the same process with the same response. They proceed to do this multiple times, the young man in the passenger seat even runs forward to pay for the meal of the man in front of them at one point. Each and every time the two friends do this, they are met with astonished looks and shouts of gratitude. One man even comes over to shake their hands. The friends simply tell him to "Return the favor" to someone else.

The boys, yet again, pull up to the window and pay for the food of the people behind them. As they watch, however, they see that those people are paying for the next cars food. The two friends smile and drive around to continue the process, happy that they inspire at least one person to bless someone else. When they pull back up to the window, however, they are told that there are no more people to buy food for because everyone that came through the line after them, paid for the next person's meal. The boys are blown away by the news!

The two friends leave the drive-thru, knowing that they played a small part in changing the world that day. Their mission is complete for the time being, but they go home and begin planning for their next day of blessing people. We can all learn a lot from these young, generous heroes. They show us that when we bless other people lives, we find fulfillment in our own lives! You can watch the entire ordeal in the video below.


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