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Unable To Move, Toothless, And Left For Dead - Helen Needs A Miracle. When An Angel In Disguise Notices Her, He Stops At Nothing To Save Her

February 12, 2018

When we discover animals that are severely neglected, our hearts ache and we wish we could intervene. While we can’t save every animal that comes across our desk, we pray that those who are able will step in and serve the neglected and unloved animals. This is the beautiful redemption story of a hero and a dog named Helen.

For years, a dog named Helen was passed by every day on the streets of India. After years of neglect, she became very frail and sick. Eventually, after lying in the same position for so long, her joints stopped working properly and she couldn’t even move on her own.

Helen lay in the same position, in the same street, for months on end. Finally, word got around to one very important man.

When this man stumbled upon this dog, he knew that the dog would die unless he took action.

The dog was covered in mange and couldn’t move on her own and she had practically lost all of her teeth. He carried her to the shelter. For the next three days, Helen would have consistent meals, a warm and safe place to sleep, and medical attention.

Helen was set up with an IV for her severe dehydration. After a couple days of intense healing, Helen began to resemble a healthy dog. Thanks to her rescuers, a bright future finally started to seem like a possibility.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle; Helen’s spirit started to reappear. After a little bit of love and care, Helen began to feel comfortable around her rescuers. Turns out, she was a very happy and loving dog!

After weeks of care and love, Helen was practically a new dog!! It’s amazing to see her now compared to what she looked like before! Turns out, love and affection and medical attention changed Helen’s life for good! Check out the full story, below; it’s truly amazing!

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