Venus Was Abandoned In The Desert, Watch Her Amazing Transformation From Neglected Stray To Beloved Rescue

August 11, 2017

When Hope For Paws Rescue heard about a German Shepherd abandoned in the desert during the summer heat, they knew time was of the essence for saving this gorgeous dog. Rescuers had been trying to catch her four months, but she refused to allow anyone to approach her. She had also managed to avoid being caught in a live trap.

When they arrived on scene, the temperature was well over 100 degrees outside. They tried desperately to catch her, but when they were unable to her her they called a veterinarian to tranquilize her. By the time she was shot with the tranquilizer dart and had fallen unconscious, it was dusk. They raced her back to the veterinarian’s rv where they gave her an IV.

When she was stabilized, they took her to a hotel for the night because it was a long drive back to Los Angeles. At about three in the morning, the rescuer who was sharing a room with her awoke to a strange noise and found her sitting on top of the desk in the room. At that time, he was slowly able to gain her trust. Now, Venus is happy, healthy, and living at a foster home while she waits for her forever home.

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