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Racist Man Gets Shocking Response From US Soldier Who Stops At Nothing To Defend An American’s Rights- Witnesses Are Totally Speechless

August 06, 2018

In today’s world, injustice seems to surround us. Many times, injustices happen in public and rather than people stepping in to put an end to the injustice, they see the injustice and continue on their own business. But on the popular television series What Would You Do, common individuals, are faced with injustice experiences in hopes that they would respond.

In an episode that aired in 2014, actors were told to create an offensive dialogue that focused on racism and American rights. The setting was in a simple sandwich shop in a which the actors were creating a scene where the Middle Eastern cashier was being bullied by a  man wearing a “God Bless American” shirt came. Immediately the two actors began creating a highly disrespectful dialogue.

Just as things were getting intense, in walks an active duty United States soldier. Dressed in his uniform and completely unaware of the tension between the actors, he casually walks to the counter to order a sandwich.

Just as the soldier was trying to order, the man wearing a “God Bless American” shirt began to pester him for ordering “from a Muslim.” The antagonist directed the soldier, “Hey, don’t deal with this guy he’s a Muslim.” The soldier lets out a shocked laugh and continued to order.

The actor eggs on the soldier and says, “Why is that funny? This guy is a Muslim.” The soldier looks him in the eye and says, “We live in America he can have any religion he wants.” The antagonist continued, “Aren’t you fighting against these guys?”

The soldier orders his sandwich in shock and tells that man to make his purchase and leave, but the actor continues to press into his offensive role. The actor says, “Look I’d like to order some food, just not from you, okay?” At the point, the soldier had had enough.

What happened next was nothing short of shocking. The soldier lets loose on the actor who portrayed the racist. Not having any idea that he was apart of a stunt, he let the racist know exactly how he felt as he defended the Middle Eastern story clerk. Check out the full-length video below and let us know what you think of this scenario in the comments!

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