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Video Footage Captures Horrifying Moment When Monster Big Rig Smashes Into Overpass, Disintegrating Before Our Very Eyes

April 09, 2018

It's like a scene out of a movie car chase. A big rig traveling at a high rate of speed down a highway with the driver apparently unaware that his dump trailer has risen up to its full height. Then, before your eyes, you see the impending disaster ahead and there is nothing you can do to avert the tragedy from happening.

That's exactly what happened recently in Canada and the only saving grace is that no one was injured in the bizarre mishap.

The collision on Highway 40, just east of Montreal happened when the trucker failed to notice that his load had lifted. His moment of inattention resulted in untold damage to not only his trailer and the load it was carrying, but also to the pedestrian bridge he hit.

A witness in a nearby car was able to catch the dramatic footage on his cell phone, but not without sustaining damage to his own vehicle, from the fallout from the disaster.

Authorities say that witnesses tried to get the trucker’s attention when they saw the dump trailer starting to go up approximately one kilometer before impact, but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

Dan Thibaudeau, an official spokesman for Sûreté du Quebec, explains that one kilometer is far too short a distance for anything to have been done to prevent the accident. Instead, he also urges any driver who witnesses something like this to use the time to call the police rather than videoing the incident.

The highway had to remain closed for several hours, however, as the debris was cleared and the damage to the bridge was assessed.

Attention is now being focused on the safety equipment that should have been in effect in the truck. Investigators are looking into why it failed, allowing the bed of the big rig to rise without warning.

They are trying to discover if it was operator error or mechanical failure. The driver has 30 years experience driving and is said to be in his 40s.

To see the unbelievable footage of this bizarre accident, watch the video, below.


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