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Video Of An Outdoor Fish Market At -49 Fahrenheit Is One Of The Most Spectacular Things We’ve Seen

March 02, 2018

The Siberian region of Yakutsk is known for getting incredibly cold, in fact, it gets so cold that thermometers have even been known to stop working! The small town of Oymyakon is extremely cold, so cold in fact that kids still attend school up until -62 degrees! One cold morning, at only -49 degrees, a resident decided to take a trip to the local fish market.

Walking through the market is a great chance to see just how cold it truly is! The fish are so cold that they are frozen completely solid, and are stacked in baskets, standing straight up. In fact, they look like little loaves of bread because of the way they stand at attention, frozen like a rock. At your typical fish market, the fish are lying on beds of ice and they’re trying to keep them cool. Here, the fish are so frozen that you’d have to worry not to chip them!

The locals are bundled up in thick jackets, just trying to keep some warmth. They try to cover as much of their face as they can, and many even have coats lined with fur. Could you live somewhere this cold? I’m not sure I’d ever leave my house - or my fireplace!