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Violent Men Pull Knife On 80-Year-Old Veteran. They Speed Off With His Car And His Beloved Dog

February 08, 2018

80-year-old Air Force veteran, Donald Mittica, got more than he bargained for when he went out one evening. He stopped by a local taco joint to grab a bite to eat. Little did he know the fear that would follow.

As he walked out of the restaurant toward his car, a mysterious man rapidly approached him and pulled a knife on him. “He said 'I’m going to kill you,'” Donald said in an interview. The man then took Donald’s car and sped away.

Not only was Donald shook up by the incident, but he also was panicked and heartbroken. Inside the vehicle was a gift from his beloved late wife, a dog named Lola. “She’s the only thing that I have,” he said sadly.

He hurried back inside the restaurant and had employees immediately call 9-1-1 because he was worried about Lola. “If I had asked for the dog, he might have just taken the dog and threw it at me or something like that. I said I just have to take my chances, and fortunately it worked out pretty doggone good,” he ended happily.

As luck would have it, a kind stranger found Lola dumped out near a busy street over ten miles away from where she was initially taken. They dropped her off at the shelter where Donald was able to retrieve her.

The moment Lola saw Donald, she was overcome with excitement. Her tiny body wiggled, and her tail wagged tremendously as she was placed back in her beloved owner’s arms. “I’m almost speechless that they found her so fast after all that stuff happened. I just can’t believe what I’m going through here right now,” he said.

Thankfully, the police were able also to retrieve Donald’s car and capture the carjacker as well. Take a moment to watch the sweet, heartwarming reunion in the video, below.

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