Violet, The Baby Goat, Thinks She Is One Of The Farm Dogs, And Good Luck Trying To Tell Her Otherwise

October 12, 2017

It goes without saying that different animal groups have certain likes and dislikes. Most animals on the planet tend to stick with their own kind because it is comfortable and easy. But, what happens when an animal decides to make friends with a group of other animals that are completely different? Well, just ask Violet, the adorable baby goat that seems to think she is a canine.

Violet lives on a farm, surrounded by all kinds of farm animals like cows, horses and, of course, other goats. Despite having plenty of her own kind to hang out with, Violet loves to spend her days running around with the dogs that help run the farm. She hangs around with these pups so much that she truly believes she is one of them!

Violet enjoys her meals surrounded by the other goats, but after dinner time it is right back out to find her doggie besties. The dogs are more than happy to welcome their odd new playmate, and one of them is even teaching Violet how to play fetch. I, for one, am glad that Violet was brave enough to seek out some new friends because they are just too cute together! Watch the video, below, to see Violet and her dog pack for yourself.

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