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Wait Until You See Just How Much Each Member Of The Royal Family Is Worth

February 21, 2018

The Royal Family continues to amaze and inspire us all. Not only do they present a sense of elegance unseen in today’s society, but they also have a keen sense of leadership qualities that we all hold in great esteem. With such power, worldly prestige, and money, they can seemingly do anything they wish. As we dream of what life would be like as a royal, we can only imagine just how much they must be worth.

Surprisingly, a small portion comes from taxpayers. The majority of their money is simply wealth achieved on their own. Their estates, family inheritances, and other sources make up most of the money they have. Check out the list, below, to see how much each member of the Royal Family is worth. It might come as a surprise to you!

Prince Charles: $100 million

Aside from the Queen herself, Prince Charles is one of the most wealthy members of the Royal Family. From his assets to his real estate, he’s managed to attain quite a sum for himself.

Prince William and Prince Harry: $40 million each

Much of their money was gained through an inheritance passed down to them once they turned 30 years old from their late mother, Princess Diana. They also have a set amount of money they earn each year to help cover the expenses of their staff and for their travel expenses.

Kate Middleton: $10 million

The Duchess of Cambridge came from a wealthy family long before she married into one. It’s said that once Prince Charles takes over the throne, she and Prince William’s net worth will both increase quite a bit.

Prince Philip: $30 million

As husband to the Queen, one could only imagine that he would have quite a bit of monetary assets. He receives a set amount of money each year to cover the expenses that accompany his duties involving the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth: $550 million

A great deal of her money was acquired from her real estate properties and family inheritances passed down to her from her father, King George VI. She also has an annual government stipend, along with valuable belongings she has in her home.

Is this what you would have guessed?


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