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Walmart Is Making A Big Change That Will Completely Alter Your In-Store Shopping Experience

January 30, 2018

When I make a list of things to replenish around my home, I normally start out with one big general list. I’ll make my way around the house and kitchen and write down all the items I need to purchase. After I make this list, I break it down by the stores in which I can purchase the items. It gets somewhat unnerving to have to fight against traffic to make it to several stores in order to gather a few items. Thanks to stores like Walmart, I can get everything I need in one place.

After making the rounds through the entire store, I find my way up to a checkout line. Normally the lines are fairly long and I know I’m in for a pretty long wait. The most frustrating feeling is when I realize I forgot an item or two and have to break my hard-earned spot in line to go fetch them.

Apparently, I’m not the only shopper who ends up in predicaments like this. Walmart recently announced that they would be making some major changes to their shopping experience and it’s unlike any they’ve done before. They have launched a program called “Scan and Go” that takes self-checkout to a whole new level. This program allows customers to be their own cashier and eliminates every checkout line.

In this program, you will download an app or use one of the in-store scanners. Every item you choose to purchase will be scanned. After scanning, you will then bag your own items in your cart. Once you complete your shopping, you can pay right away. All you have left to do is show a Walmart associate your digital receipt and then you’re on your merry way. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to give this new feature a go! Check out the video, below, to see just what lies in store.

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