Walrus, The Adorable Pit Bull, Is Looking For A New Home, Again

July 21, 2017

I am a firm believer in adopting animals from shelters. There are many animals out there that are looking and waiting for a new chance at life, and for a new loving family. These animals have been through a lot of physical abuse and/or neglect so when adopting from a shelter you want to make sure you find an animal that fits your life and style. The last thing you want to do is to bring a shelter animal home just to turn around and return it. 

Well, that is what happened to a young pit bull named Walrus. Walrus had been at the Bridgeport Animal Control Shelter in Connecticut for 3 weeks when something amazing happened. Anya Kopchinsky walked into the shelter and was immediately drawn to Walrus. Walrus was brought into the shelter as a stray. His body was not in good shape and showed signs of physical abuse.

Anya was so drawn to Walrus that she knew she needed to do something to help him. She wanted to get him prepared for adoption because she knew he needed a loving, forever home and he needed it fast. Walrus had gaps in his teeth, which vets believed that he had chewed on bars because he was probably locked in a cage. He also had scars all over his body. Plus his legs had a congenital defect that caused his legs to spread outward when he walked.

It was evident to Anya and the workers at the shelter that whatever Walrus had been through was rough, and up until this point, he had lived a difficult life. Everyone at the shelter agreed that they could not provide all the medical needs that Walrus had, so they were excited for Anya to step in and help.

Anya took Walrus to a local vet to get all the proper medical treatment he needed, emotionally and physically. After examination, the doctor, unfortunately, determined that even with reconstructive surgery, his legs wouldn’t heal.

Regardless of his health conditions, Walrus is full of life and a very happy boy. Anya said his personality lights up every time he was around other dogs.  He loves other dogs and plays very well when he is with them. “Whatever he’s gone through in his past doesn’t really affect him now,” Kopchinsky said. “He’s so happy around people, and he’s a total Velcro dog. He follows you everywhere, and he really wants to cuddle, and everyone is his new best friend.”

Walrus was adopted but has since been returned to the shelter. His new owners could not provide him with the home he needed. This is why you must make sure that when you are adopting an animal it fits your needs and vice versa.

If you are interested in adopting a dog just like Walrus, please check with your local animal shelters. There are plenty of dogs waiting for a new loving home that you can provide. 

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