Want To See What Pure JOY Looks Like!? Watch As These Rescued Tigers Get To SWIM FOR THE FIRST TIME! [VIDEO]

April 07, 2017

After being rescued from a deplorable facility in New York, Tigers Carli and Lily have now settled into their new home at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo! 

Located in a remote part of Nevada, surrounded by high mountains and open sky, these tigers have hit the jackpot! 

Even though Safe Haven is a literal oasis when it comes to living conditions, it is about to get a serious upgrade when it comes to their swimming pools! 

"Many sanctuaries, including Safe Haven, provide pools in the form of metal troughs, which is a wonderful and usually the most affordable option available". 

The problem with the metal troughs is that they are exposed to the Nevada heat daily which not only makes the metal extremely hot but it makes the water hot as well. 

This is all about to change; "IFAW" has partnered with Safe Haven to build in ground pools that keep the water cool for the tigers to swim in! 

For the very first time in their lives Carli and Lily will feel what it is like to swim! 

As soon as Lily is let into the enclosure she goes to inspect the pool; without hesitation she plunges in! 

Swimming and romping around, Lily is having the time of her life! 

Carli seems content to watch Lily swim for the time being, but it is evident that this new pool has brought a new joy to both tigers! 

Having this pool not only provides entertainment for Carli and Lily, it also provides them with a new quality of life that they so deserve! 

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