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Warning; Grab Your Tissue. One Students Letter To His Teacher Will Bring You To Tears.

April 27, 2017

I always say 3rd grade was my favorite grade. its not because of what I learned or my friends I had at 8-years-old but it's because that is the year I had my FAVORITE teacher Mrs. Armstrong. She made learning fun and made me feel unique and special. I will always remember her as the GREATEST teacher ever.

Do you remember your favorite teacher?

We all have a teacher that one teacher — maybe they recognized your potential, loved you when you felt unlovable, helped you discover your passion or got you through a difficult time.

For Markus, that teacher is Mr. J his fifth grade teacher.  Earlier this week when Mr. J walked into his classroom he discovered a letter, addressed to him, on the student's desk. "Thank you for being an awesome teacher and for being amazing!" Markus began.

Markus says in the letter he sees Mr. J as the father figure that he never had:"I look at you like my dad. I never met my real dad, but it's okay because you treat me like I'm your son. You make me so happy. Always feeding me when I am hungry and hug me when I am sad."

Markus goes on to say, "I will never forget you, Mr. J," he wrote. "I love you and I will never forget about you!"

Mr. J posted on his Twitter, a photo of Markus's letter. "So I walked in the classroom and found this letter on the desk that one of my kids wrote me and … I tried so hard not [to] tear up."

The tears are flowing.

His tweet has been retweeted 141,000 times..

with nearly 500,000 likes and has received an overwhelming amount of replies. One person wrote, "This is too much, man, I can't stop the tears." "Bless you for having that kind of an impact on a child," another wrote. "More people need to see this as an example."

Awww, we just love to see this happening in our world. Making a difference in someones life is what it's all about.

In a statement to GoodHousekeeping.com, Jermaine explained that this is his very first year teaching (yep!) and that making a difference in his students' lives is a forever goal: "I always try to make an impact on every child. I want to be more than just a teacher. I want to be a role model and someone that they look up to. I just love to help kids and make them happy. I can't impact every child but if I can impact a few or the best that I can then I know I'm doing something right in love." 

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