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Warning: Max The Cat Is Banned From The Library. Now People Everywhere Can't Get Enough Of Him

December 08, 2017

Max, the cat, has been 86ed from his local library in Minnesota. Now, you may be thinking that he must have gotten himself into some crazy mischief to be kicked out of a library, but in actuality, the friendly feline was just causing an employee a serious allergic reaction, thus necessitating the ban from his favorite destination.

Connie Lipton, Max's owner, said, "He's under house arrest." Max who lives at his perfectly loving home with his family is a social butterfly and finds himself always in the thick of the action. It has been said before that he roams "out without any apparent purpose or chaperone." Max is a sneaky little guy who got caught on the security cameras making his way into the library he loves, and that is when he got put on "house arrest."

If Max has the opportunity, he hits the road and wanders around until he finds some action. Max was, keyword WAS, a regular at the DeWitt Wallace Library on The Macalester College campus, where his other owner is a professor, until recently when Max was famously banned from even entering. The sign on the door says...

“Please do not let in the cat. His name is Max. Max is nice. His owner does not want Max in the Library. We do not want Max in the Library. Max wants to be in the Library. Please do not let Max into the Library.” Seems like a pretty clear message to me.

Lipton is trying to train Max how to walk on a leash so he can go outside with supervision. He is not a big fan so far, but if he ever wants to taste the fresh air again, he needs to get used to it. Liptons says that she will take him to his favorite places to make him happy and that way he can see his beloved people. When Max is ready, he can visit the library he loves and use his library card that was made especially for him.

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