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Was 'Flip or Flop' a Complete Lie From the Beginning?

January 02, 2017

HGTV is a land of happiness for its viewers. It is an escape from the craziness of life and a time where you can sit and watch gorgeous renovations come to life.

Sadly, everything hasn't been peachy keen over on HGTV's popular show, Flip or Flop.

As HGTV tells it, Christina and Tarek El Moussa met in a real estate office in 2008. They had a ton of things in common and quickly fell in love. In 2009, they were married.

In 2011, Tarek's friend made an audition tape and sent it in to HGTV that chronicled a process of them flipping a home from beginning to end. Clearly, HGTV loved it and in 2013, Flip or Flop was brought to life. 

Many viewers quickly fell in love with the couple and their adventures in the house-flipping world. They later had two children, Taylor Reese, 6, and Brayden James, 16 months. That only added to their beautiful, picture-perfect, glamorous life.

Viewers turned into fans as they fell in love with everything about this family.  Unfortunately, it has all been one large facade.

The whole idea of the show is to highlight a happy, adoring couple with a sweet little family. Recent news has come about that their relationship has been one big lie since before season 6 ever aired! This news not only shocks us, but saddens and angers us! How dare they suck us in to their happy, wonderful, LIE-FILLED life?!

In December 2016, Christina and Tarek announced the ending of their marriage, stating that they had faced "challenges" and cited an "unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago" as their primary issue.

It was also reported that a "scary incident involving guns and a feared suicide attempt" had occurred. After police investigation, Tarek explained that he had gone out with his gun to "blow off some steam."

We also learned that after the split, but all the while showing them happy and "in love", Tarek was involved with the family nanny and Christina was romantically involved with one of the show's contractors.

And again I reiterate, while all that was happening, HGTV only showed a fake, adoring couple.

Even though this show is considered a reality TV show, and we all know that when something is "reality" it is normally fake, we still buy into the idea that families really are as they appear. After all, a big charm of the show was the love between Christina and Tarek.

HGTV, the charade is up and the truth is all out on the table.

What do you think of all this? Was everything a complete and total lie?