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Watch: Driver Narrowly Misses Young Child Who Cycles Straight Into Oncoming Traffic

August 07, 2018

If you don’t believe in guardian angels, this video certainly will change your mind.

In Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, a man named Robert Allen was driving down a street when the unthinkable happened. Out of nowhere, a young child bolted across the street on his bike, straight into the line of traffic.

Allen is a group commander for there Hereford and Worcestershire Fire Service, so his dash camera was running. The entire frightful scenario was captured on camera and has since gone viral since its release.

The footage shows Allen driving down the street. All seemed normal until a small figure dashed in front of the moving vehicle. Allen slammed on his brakes and instantly saw a young child ride his bicycle across the road to the other side.

Watch the video below:


The most frightening part of all was that the child never once looked before heading out across the street.

After the incident occurred, Allen took to social media to post the terrifying footage. According to sources, Allen said that he wanted this clip to be seen as much as possible in hopes that it would decrease the mortality rate of children on bikes.


He went on to say that, thankfully, he was traveling under the speed limit at the time of the event. “If I hadn’t, I’d have hit him,” he stated.

While this certainly was a day of grace for the young lad, it serves as a reminder to children and adults alike. We can never be too cautious when traveling.


There are numerous precautions both bikers and drivers alike can note to prevent such situations like this from happening.

Always be aware of your surroundings because moments like this can happen in the blink of an eye. This young child's life was miraculously spared. Now, he will forever have the strong reminder to check both ways before crossing the street.


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