Watch How This Filly Reacts When Her Owner Stops Petting Her. It Is Unbelievably Adorable!

May 11, 2017

Is there anything more precious than newborn animals? Their wide eyes and curious spirits are something to behold. They have an incredible zest for life, wanting to know every little detail about the great big world around them.

Just like humans, they thoroughly enjoy having your undivided attention. Once they've earned your trust, they consider you closer than family and yearn for you to feel the same way towards them.


As a child, we had many horses on our farm. They were my absolute favorite animal in the entire world. I loved to spend time admiring them, brushing their mane and tail, and watching them gallop freely through the lush pastures.

The most exciting part about having several horses is that we were guaranteed to have little foals. What little girl doesn't adore newborn horses?!


The were always quite nosey, wanting to know all about what you were doing in the yard. They would run wild towards you and then stop abruptly so they could inspect your every inch. Life was always a game for them and that made having them around even more rewarding! This little filly is no exception. She is a feisty little one and she LOVES having her owner's attention.


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