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Watch: Trapped Bear Destroys Inside Of Parked Car - Saved By Brave Officer

June 27, 2018

Heroes come from the unlikeliest places, but for one misguided bear in California, his savior came in the form of a Sherrif’s deputy. After getting stuck inside an SUV into which he had climbed, the shaggy-coated critter found himself in need of some serious help in order to escape.

Using a skill common among the ‘brotherhood of bear’ this big guy slipped into the Subaru Outback without being spotted. You see, bears are known for their ability to open car doors - from the outside, that it - and they are often trapped once the portal slams shut.

In his panic, the honey-eater reduced the interior of the unwitting vehicle to tatters, as he made a frantic search for any possible escape route. His destructive efforts were to no avail, however, as he remained firmly enclosed in his prison.

Apparently, this happens all the time. According to Fox News, “The Subaru Outback is one of the most popular utility vehicles across America. Among bears.

“Just a few weeks ago, one got stuck inside an Outback in Connecticut, frightening its owner and tearing up the interior before police arrived to open a door and let it out.”

When the Placer County (near Lake Tahoe) Sherriff’s deputy approached the vehicle that was under siege, he quickly realized that he had to choose his rescue strategy carefully. After all, a bear that has become that agitated would be completely unpredictable once he found his way out. If the deputy were too close when the animal made his exit, he just might get hurt.

The lawman finally decided to try to break a window, giving the bear a partial to freedom. After several attempts to shatter the rear window of the SUV, he finally hit pay dirt. The glass began to splinter and that was his cue to high-tail it out of there!

It took the trapped fellow a few seconds to make his way through the opening but, once he did, he didn’t wait around to thank the deputy. He quickly darted back into the woods, undoubtedly with a captivating story to tell all his bear buddies!

After the incident, the Sheriff’s Department responded to the original Facebook post that bears are much more agile than humans realize. They “can open car doors and it happens A LOT!,” and agreed with several commenters that its best to not [to] leave any food in your vehicle and that you should keep the doors locked if you live near a bear habitat.”

Sounds like wise advice, no matter what neighborhood you live in! And we are happy to report that the bear was not injured in the incident, just frightened. I wonder if he’s learned his lesson or will be back to ‘breaking-and-entering’ the next time he crosses paths with an unlocked Subaru Outback!

To see the hilarious (I don’t mean for the bear) rescue, watch the video, below.