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Watch Your Step! Ads Appearing On Escalators Are Sure To Capture Your Full Attention

January 19, 2018

It seems as though ads are everywhere! Some are clever, some are offensive, and some are sweet. One thing you can count on, though, is that all of them are selling something!

We get so used to seeing them as we drive along the freeway or walk through the airport or flip on our televisions, that many times we just tune them out. It’s a never-ending battle between the consumers who just want to go about their lives and the advertisers whose very survival lies in being able to get your attention long enough to convince you to purchase their products.

What would it take for an ad to catch your attention? Wouldn’t it have to be something creative, provocative, and downright unusual to cause you to stop what you are doing and engage? Think of the Super Bowl ads. They are genius at conveying a message that hits at the heart of what matters to football viewers, and in so doing, get their product name out there.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if we could come across high-quality ads like this without having to wait a year between appearances?

Well, we found some advertisements that take engagement to a whole new level. The unique venue for the ads, however, is the thing that makes them so special. Have you guessed it, yet? Yep! These ads are on escalators!

The advertising teams who worked on these masterpieces must have had a blast thinking up these witty and thought-provoking promotions!

Not to mention that they have a captive audience on an escalator. Where are you going to go if you don’t like the commercial?

For once, you won’t be annoyed by being bombarded with propaganda, in fact, you might even go out of your way just so you can catch a glimpse of these delightful displays.

To see more of these innovative and ingenious advertising appeals, click on the video, below.

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