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Watching Gunnar Try And Entice His Owner To Play Will Definitely Make You Laugh When You See How He Does It

February 20, 2018

Gunnar is an adorable little black and white Husky who loves nothing more than to play and have fun! Of course, like other dogs, he always wants to play with his momma whenever he possibly can! Sadly, she doesn’t always want to play back - especially when she’s tired after a long day at work - so he’s got to take matters into his own paws!

Once Gunnar gets her laying down on the ground, he slowly begins to push the toy towards her. Maybe if he moves it towards her slowly enough, she’ll pick it up? When that doesn’t work, Gunnar is forced to move onto more drastic methods! What’s better than silently begging her to play?

Loudly begging her to play of course! His gentle woofs and whines sounds just like a little kid begging, and it’s one of the cutest things we’ve seen! He definitely knows how to win his momma over for some playtime, because we can’t imagine anyone saying no to this playful pooch!