Watching This Teeny Bear Cub Have A Sneezing Fit Is The Cutest Thing We've Seen ALL Day!

May 12, 2017

Most children grow up having a beloved stuffed teddy bear. When they see a real bear in person, they think that they're going to be just as cuddly as their worn toy. Unfortunately, bears aren't always the most gentle of giants. Though they aren't as friendly as a family dog, they're still utterly precious and fun to admire from afar.

Their soft, fluffy fur and beady brown eyes are enough to melt even the softest of hearts. Little bear cubs are some of the most adorable critters in the world!


This little cutie in the video is named Morton. He lives comfortably the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort where he and the employees have become quite good friends. He roams around, greeting everyone and within moments of meeting him, you instantly fall in love. 

He seems to have some allergies, though. There's something in the air that makes his little nose tickle, causing him to fall into a sneezing fit! The poor little guy can't seem to stop his sneezing.


Speaking of sneezing, did you know that all animals, except for insects, sneeze? Even fish do it to rid their bodies of ingested debris. Other animals do it for the same reason as humans: they simply need to expel particles from their body before it reaches their lungs. If some sort of unnatural particle reaches their lungs, it could cause serious damage to them.

Watch the video below to see this cutie pie have his sneezing fit. It's honestly the most adorable thing I've seen in a LONG time!

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