Waverly McTinyBeans Was A Paralyzed Kitten Desperate For Help. Her Rescue Came In The Jaws Of An Unlikely Hero

November 14, 2017

Who knows how long the tiny kitten had been waiting for someone to come and rescue her. Then, she heard a noise outside the bush. Of course, she wanted to run away, but the poor creature was paralyzed and unable to move, no matter how frightened she was.


That is when she saw it. A big brown and black creature. It was not a cat like she was and she had never seen anything like it before. The larger animal picked her up in its sizeable slobbery mouth, carried her off and rescued her!

Her savior- a Doberman named Rover! Out of some miracle, he knew the kitten was in need of help. Instead of taking her to his mom- a dog person, Rover took her to the lady next door- who was a kitten rescuer!

When Kitten Rescuer, Evelyn Jensen, discovered what was being hand delivered to her in the dog's jaws, she was shocked! The tiny kitten was covered in fleas, severely dehydrated, lethargic, cold and she would soon discover that it's back legs were paralyzed.

Luckily, Rover knew just who in the neighborhood would be able to give the kitten the care she needed. Evelyn gave the filthy young feline a good wash. Once clean, Evelyn attempted to get her to eat on her own, but the kitten was unable to. Finally, Evelyn was able to feed her via a tube. With a full belly, the sweet kitten fell into a peaceful slumber.

The next day, Evelyn took the teeny kitten, now named Waverly McTinyBeans, to the vet to hear her prognosis. It was determined that she had suffered severe spinal trauma either during birth or shortly after that had caused her paralysis. The vet recommended that it might be best to "let her go," but Evelyn could not bring herself to do that to an innocent kitten.

Waverly is being seen by Dr. Jennifer Conrad of the Paw Project and is making progress every day. She has been treated with acupuncture and other therapies, such as water therapy, and is making great strides.

Waverly McTinyBeans, the kitten that most likely would have died, if she had not been rescued by her doggie hero, has overcome her disability and is enjoying life. She is one pretty kitty that's now on the move!

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