We Just Discovered The True Definition Of The Word "Elated"- It's This Girl's Reaction When She Come's Home From An Adorable Surprise!

June 07, 2017


I don't know about you but I am one of those people who loves nothing more than a good surprise. Especially if it's a surprise with an animal. And especially if it's a surprise with an animal that's captured on video. I mean, there is legitimately nothing better in this world than witnessing that kind of joy. 

Imagine yourself coming home from a long day, walking into your room, and seeing the one thing that you've only been dreaming of! Something that you never believed you'd actually get. That's exactly what this little girl got to experience! 

Marley, a 9-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, had been wanting a kitten for quite a while when her mom thought it would be fun to surprise her with a rescued kitten. Her mom hid the kitten in Marley's room and waited for Marley to get home from school. When she did, she followed her daughter into her room. That's when Marley heard soft meowing coming from the corner. 

Marley walked over, stared in at the kitten, and then turned around to her mom with a look of pure surprise. It was adorable. 

Then, almost instantaneously, Marley's face goes from being surprised to absolutely undone in joy. She looks at her mom with her mouth wide open in disbelief as tears of joy stream down her face. As she takes her backpack off, she still can't believe that this little kitten is hers to keep!

After a millisecond of shock, Marley bends over and picks up her new kitty, still with tears bursting. She is completely overwhelmed at the realization that this kitten is now hers. The best part is, she stays in shock the entire length of the video! She takes the kitten over to her bed and can hardly contain herself. She looks at her mom and genuinely asks, "Do we get to keep it, Mommy?" and then repeatedly cries out "Thank you, Mommy! Thank you!" Marley's reaction is pure elation.

Marley named her new friend Ella and the two have been inseparable since day one. Check out the video below, but make sure you've got some tissues near you!