Weezy, Rejected And Alone. When She Falls In Love With A Child, Watch Her Come Out Of Her Shell

August 31, 2017

For those of you who struggle with being shy, you can definitely relate to this dog, Weezy, and how being outgoing can be extremely hard sometimes. As much as you wish you could reach out to others more, you either care too much about what people think, don’t feel comfortable enough to let your normal self-shine, or your past has squashed your joy, preventing you from being the person you were created to be.


Weezy’s life did not start out very blissful as a shelter dog. Adopted and returned for being shy and afraid, you can imagine how this chain of events did not build confidence in Weezy but, rather, served to crush this little dog’s spirit. Finally, destiny takes Weezy down a different path. A brand new family comes into Weezy's life, who decide to adopt this sweet little dog in hopes of giving him a second chance. Even though they are dedicated to working with her every day, they discover that Weezy is still extremely shy and timid around everyone she meets. With such a tough past, how are they going to win her trust? Then one day the family brings home their very own baby. This is a game-changer for Weezy. This new baby brother begins to grab her curiosity and, eventually, her heart. Now they are best of friends and they spend their days just playing or snuggling. Weezy has found her confidence, joy, and an outgoing personality by learning to trust her brother.


Through the family’s perseverance, tender loving care, and kindness shown toward Weezy, her life continues to change for the better every single day. She lives her days shining bright instead of living in a world full of darkness. Enjoy this sweet video and the incredible leaps and bounds that Weezy is able to accomplish.   

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